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Advantages of booking direct:

It is safer
It is less likely for your credit card information to be compromised when you book direct. Millions of websites worldwide offer hotel bookings. Many of them are not in the United States. Do you want your information to float all around the world?

Pay our employees before paying agents across the world
Nothing is free. Booking your room via indirect websites costs the hotel an average of 15% to 50% of the total payment. That cuts from your local hotel's revenues and negatively impacts the employees as well as the quality of service you receive. There is no reason to send half of your money to a guy across the planet to book your room in the town you live. Let's keep American money in the US to pay our employees and improve services for our guests.

If you have traveled more than a few times in your life, you have likely noticed that booking errors are more common than one might expect. Mistakes are inevitable, and the odds of mistakes are increased when we transmit reservations through a massive global network whose systems sometimes don't talk to each other correctly and on time. Imagine arriving at your hotel at 2 AM only for the front desk to inform you that no room has been reserved under your name. Who do you want to call to fix the situation?
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What is Be-Smart-Book-Direct?

Be-Smart-Book-Directâ„¢ is an initiative of Daryon Hotels International. We do not charge any fees or commissions to the hotels. Daryon Hotels International covers the cost of operating this initiative at this time.   Daryon Hotels International is a hospitality management company with more than 60 years of combined expertise in the tourism and travel industry. Our team has worked with more than 110 hotels and booking sites, convention bureaus, chambers of commerce, and other service providers in the travel industry.  

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