Be Smart, Book Direct

Drop the middleman, and book directly with the hotel

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Be Smart, Book Direct - Hotel Lobby


“Be Smart Book Direct” is an advocacy group intended to promote a better understanding within the public on OTA claims and to work with the industry leaders in creating a system that encourages the travelers to book directly with the hotels in order to get better service and better rates. 

We need your help to achieve that goal. Please volunteer your time, make donations, and above all, spread the word. The OTAs have hundreds of millions of dollars in their marketing fund; we need to work diligently with the public to combat the false concept that OTAs offer a better deal. 

  • Expose inaccuracy of many third party booking claims

  •  Regain public trust in hotels

  • Make direct booking popular again

  • Implement next generation booking system

  • Make direct booking more accessible and preferable for the travellers